Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor - College of Surgeons and Physicians, Columbia University

Professional Appointments

  • Research Scientist - The New York State Psychiatric Institute


Recent publications:

Aharonovich, E., Nguyen, H.C., Nunes, E.V. (2001) Anger and Depressive States among treatment seeking Drug Abusers: Testing the Psychopharmacological Specificity Hypothesis. The American Journal of  Addictions 10: 327-334

Aharonovich, E., Hasin, D., Rahav, G. Meydan K, Neumark Y. (2001) Differences in drinking patterns among Ashkenazic and Sephardic Israeli adults. Journal of Studies on Alcohol . 62:301-305.

Aharonovich, E., Liu, X., Nunes, E.V., Hasin, D. (2002) Types of Major Depression and Suicide Attempts: A Study in Substance Abuse Dependent Patients. American Journal of Psychiatry159:1600-1603.


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